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A BIG Warm Welcome from 
Albie Derbyshire & Elizabeta Kuzevska

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Maybe your on our team already in GDI, The Prosperity Marketing System (PMS)
or the Power Lead System (PLS)? If so, each of these programs are important 
to creating six figures. Each teaches valuable lessons:

GDI Team Elite teaches teamwork, duplication and has
"team overrides" five levels deep.

PMS teaches funnel building and earning 100% income strategies as well
as "viral email list building".

And the Power Lead System,
has all the tools so we can mentor you through Five Critical Skills effectively.

Ultimately, you will need a mentor no matter what program you're in. The Five 
Critical Skills are too complex in learning them without help for you to be able
to master them on your own.

You will need feedback on how you're doing and 
progressing with each of them. You can aim for your dreams but without constant
attention to the specific marketing details such as the correct advertising sites, tracking and
, best list building strategies, writing your own email copy,
effective communication techniques, and feedback on actual funnels
you build for your team, you won't hit it without
help from those who have succeeded ahead of you. 

Below are a list of things you will need to become a 
better marketer and begin to master the Five Critical Skills:


Mentoring through the Correct
Marketing Skills

The Five Critical Skills: 

Skill #1: Effective Advertising

Skill #2: Effective Capture Page Making
Skill #3: Effective List Building
Skill #4: Effective Communication with List
Skill #5: Effective Funnel Page Building


We Will Teach You These Skills!

Additional Things You will Need:

The Power Lead System (PLS)has all three
income streams.

a) Residual monthly income
b) Team overrides
c) Sales on high ticket items

See this video for more info on this:  

You will ALSO need:

An investment mindset and
understanding of how assets work.

Remember playing monopoly?

The game pieces:
Your piece, money, houses & hotels

Your first house

Turning your houses into hotels

Finding the best locations to buy.

Using this knowledge in real life:

An ability to save, invest, work hard, master the
5 Critical Skills and make it happen.


See The Power Lead System
Compensation Plan:

Watch the PLS compensation plan video.
 Its really awesome!


Practical Steps to Six Figures

1: Begin to earn consistenly online each month by beginning to 
master the Five Crucial Skills*

(*Work with your Coach)

2: Begin earning 3 types of income:
a) Monthly Residual Income
b) Team overrides
c) Sales with High Ticket Items

3. Walking in the Steps of a Six & Seven
income earner. 

Earning Monthly Residual Income, Team Overrides
& High Ticket Items all begins with allowing the
Power Lead System work for you. 

Take the seven day free tour
of PLS here and then follow these steps:

To Access the Mentoring:

Simply go through each
Red Bar and
Change them from "
Red" to "Green". 

You can see the arrows that show how we changed it
from Red to Green and where it still has
to be changed.

Some of the benefits and upgrades you may be able to afford, 
and some you 
may not at this time. 
Just do as you can afford.

Remember, this is not a scheme to get you to
spend more and more. 

This allows you to earn more and more and have
the chance to go full time online. Creating six figures
takes a very serious plan of action and investment
is definately part of this. 

Again, don't feel pressure. That is the wrong emotion. 
Feel excitement that you have the ability to earn more 
and more as you can afford to invest. 

Your investments will allow you to earn over and over 
again without more investment in each level.

Want to see what others have achieved with PLS? You can also
see all the tons of benifits that come with being on our team: 

(Remember to come back here when you're finished).

Go here.

Want to hear from Alan Cosens
(seven figure earner who uses PLS)
Alan is our top leader in this team.
Ask your coach how you
can get Alans training too. 


Get back with your coach what you thought of the video
& the compensation plan...

Then Continue here:


Big Bonuses for those wanting Mentoring: 


We will mentor you on building effective 
Capture Pages Like these: 

We will mentor you on building effective 
Email campaigns and share 109 messages
with you:

We will mentor you 1:1 on all
Five Critical Skills!


Mentoring Package 1 :

 Get two MENTORING sessions
for 1 hour each (normally, it cost
this for one session). 

Plus you also get Free Ad Secrets
from PLS!

 This teaches you the Secret to .....
UNLIMITED Free Advertising!

 It is ALSO an investment & PAYS
out $100 Commisions to you
OVER & OVER again!*

How can this help you get to a Six Figure income? 
See here

*See Details below: 

Buy it in PLS NOW! 

*After purchase let Albie & Elizabeta
know so we can set up your mentoring sessions

Package 2:

 Get six 1:1 MENTORING sessions
for 1 hour each. (normally, it cost
this for 3 sessions). 

Plus you also get Social Profit Acadamy
from PLS!
This teaches you how to become a Master
at Facebook Advertising!
It is ALSO an investment & PAYS out $400
Commisions to you OVER & OVER!*

How can this help you get to a Six Figure income? 
See here

*See Details Below:

Buy it in PLS NOW! 

*After purchase let Albie & Elizabeta
know so we can add you to the program! 


With Complete 48 PLS Share Codes for all ADDITIONAL Team Pages
(And added to all the time) plus Complete Funnel Pages!*

*Ask us for more info.

Again, don't forget that if you're not growing your skills in 
learning the 5 Critical Skills, your belief will be too low to create the 
vision you need to make your dream come true. 

Build your belief by learning and mastering the 5 Critical Skills, 
then develope an investors mindset and create valuable assets for yourself. 

These assets will begin to drive you to higher and higher income levels as
you master the 5 Critical Skills and develope mastery over yourself. 

Get started with the Power Lead System for
7 Free Days!

Then get the Mentoring you need inside by
turning the "
Red bars" to "Green" and letting Albie
& Elizabeta know.

 We look forward to working with you personally!

Albie Derbyshire
Elizabeta Kuzevska


Chat with your coach at the email below: 


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